Design Is Serious Business

phd-blog-designDesign is serious business! And we always discuss it with you before starting on your project. Though every project is different, there are three points to take into account to ensure success.

Connect to your audience vs. express yourself in design
Whether it’s a website, a poster or a business card, it’s a means of starting a dialog, not a means of self-expression for your aesthetic sense. Send a visual message that appeals to your target clients: take into account the age group, gender, cultural background, profession of the audience.

Define design requirements from the start
In print and on the web, there are technical requirements that design must meet. Knowing the uses for the design beforehand will ensure it can be repurposed later.

Less is more
Avoid complexity! Leave empty spaces that bring the important design elements to the focal point. The use of more than two fonts or the use of unnecessarily sophisticated fonts is considered bad taste.